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Welcome! We are proud to present you our Rock n Roll Store! This Rock n Roll Store is made by Rock n Roll fans for Rock n Roll fans.

Rock n Roll evolved in the States in the late '40 and early '50's. The roots of Rock n Roll are mainly rhythm and blues, country, folk, gospel and jazz. Modern Rock music is the result of all these years Rock n Roll and listened to by millions!

In the beginning of rock n roll (late 1940 and early 1950) the lead instrument was often a piano or saxophone but in the middle to late '50 it was replaced or supplemented by a guitar. The classic rock and roll that we know is played with one or two electric guitars (One lead and one rhythm), a string bass or an electric bass guitar and a drum kit. In this store we sell the String Bass Guitar and the Electric Bass Guitar that are necessary to play Rock n Roll!

Electric Bass Guitars

We have a big collection of Electric Bass Guitars available here for you to buy. We have made a selection of Electric Bass Guitar brands that we think are high quality. Take a look at all our affordable Electric Bass Guitars! Clicking on an image of a brand brings you direct to our collection of Electric Bass Guitars from that brand. So have fun searching for a Electric Bass Guitar!

Arbor Electric Bass Guitars
Aria Electric Bass Guitars
BC Rich Electric Bass Guitars
Dean Electric Bass Guitars
Douglas Electric Bass Guitars
Arbor Guitars
Aria Guitars
B.C.Rich Guitars
Dean Guitars
Douglas Guitars
Epiphone Electric Bass Guitars
Fender Electric Bass Guitars
Gibson Electric Bass Guitars
Ibanez Electric Bass Guitars
Jay Turser Electric Bass Guitars
Epiphone Guitars
Fender Guitars
Gibson Guitars
Ibanez Guitars
Jay Turser Guitars
Kona Electric Bass Guitars
Peavey Electric Bass Guitars
Schecter Electric Bass Guitars
Washburn Electric Bass Guitars
Yamaha Electric Bass Guitars
Kona Guitars
Peavey Guitars
Schecter Guitars
Washburn Guitars
Yamaha Guitars

String Bass Guitars

We have a big assortment of String Bass Guitars available for you to purchase here! We have all big brands in the Music ndustry and the important brands with exclusive String Bass Guitars. Beneath you will see all brands by logo. If you click on a logo you will be redirected to the page with all our String Bass Guitars for that logo. F.E. if you click on the Ibanez Logo you will see all the String Bass Guitars from the brand Ibanez. We have categorized all the String Bass Guitar brands and hope you will find the Rock and Roll Guitar you are looking for. Good Luck!

Aria String Bass Guitars
B.C.Rich String Bass Guitars
Carvin String Bass Guitars
Cort String Bass Guitars
Dean String Bass Guitars
Aria Guitars
B.C.Rich Guitars
Carvin Guitars
Cort Guitars
Dean Guitars
Ernie Ball String Bass Guitars
ESP String Bass Guitars
Fender String Bass GuitarsFernandes String Bass Guitars
Epiphone Stig Bass Guitars
Ernie Ball Guitars
Esp Guitars
Fender Guitars
Fernandes Guitars
Epiphone Guitars
G and L String Bass Guitars
Galveston String Bass Guitas
Hohner String Bass Guitars
Ibanez String Bass Guitars
Kona String Bass Guitars
G & L Guitars
Galveston Guitars
Hohner Guitars
Ibanez Guitars
Kona Guitars
Michael Kelly String Bass Guitars
Musicman String Bass Guitars
Peavey String Bass Guitars
Schecter String Bass Guitars
Spector String Bass Guitars
Michael Kelly Guitars
Musicman Guitars
Peavey Guitars
Schecter Guitars
Spector Guitars
Tobias String Bass Guitars
Warwick String Bass Guitars
Washburn String Bass Guitars
Yamaha String Bass Guitars

Tobias Guitars
Warwick Guitars
Washburn Guitars
Yamaha Guitars

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